Masculins / OL - ACA D-5

Malbranque press conference

Published on 11 September 2012 at 10:41 AM
Steed Malbranque looked back at his performance against Valenciennes… and fielded questions about his positioning on the field and his experiences in England...

What did you take from your first match for Lyon against VAFC?
"I felt pretty good out there. I was very happy to play at the Stade Gerland again. But it was only one match. We can't stop there. Pressure? It's there the whole time. I knew the expectation was there, but I didn't think about it too much. Surprised? Not really. I knew I was in good shape physically. I know what I've been doing for the last ten months without playing. I was in good shape. But the most important thing is still that the team won."

A word on your positioning on the pitch?
"I have no problem with playing in front of the defence. I can also play positions. The important thing is to enjoy playing, no matter what position."

What do you think of the team?
"It's a good squad. I'm not convinced it's not as strong as last season because of the departures. We have to play to our potential to enjoy a good season... A top three finish in the league, a good Cup run..."

What experience do you bring from your time in England?
"First of all, ten great years. In England, the rhythm is perhaps a little more intense. More games are decided in the final minutes. But I haven't joined OL with a defined role to play, with the young players for example. Communicating with your teammates happens naturally, especially in a game. But it's not premeditated."

Where does this OL team need to improve?
"We need to be stronger in defence."

How is training going during the international break?
"We need to keep working hard to maintain the match rhythm, that's important."

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