Masculins / OL - Rubin Kazan 3-1


Published on 17 August 2011 at 1:13 PM
Since the start of the season, Lyons style... the results are at the rendezvous...all they have to do now is to continue this form up to the first international break ...

Elie Baup enjoyed Lyon’s play while commenting the match for Canal + ... An example of many opinions heard after the game against Rubin Kazan, or more generally since the start of the official season of the seven-time champions of France. In their 4-4-2 organization with almost always the same starting team, only Cris injured being replaced by Koné, OL play an appealing collective game enhanced by an immense generosity of sweat and desire to please by taking pleasure without forgetting the goal of winning.

It works, even if this new goal conceded after a set-piece, although there were many opportunities for goals conceded or approximations. Let us not be too picky for now. OL are so hungry to make up for lost time like this devil Michel Bastos who is transformed. What he has done especially on the second goal of his side is great when we review the action from the beginning. Bastos changed ... it's like a recruit as we heard from the press box who finished the game as a very offensive left-back without complaining! Too bad he did not score a goal ... the goal for example 4-1 late in the game. The regrets are too bitter...

This Lyon hunger is shown once again by the many shots. 25 shots against the Russian team which are added to the 47 of the first two games. 72 shots including 28 on target, seven goals and 23 clear chances. Results are in the mental resources to move quickly to score after being behind. OL did this on Tuesday night for the third time in three games.

OL are playing and entertaining. No wonder Gerland was enthusiastic, that the media are under the charm, that smiles adorn the faces of the Olympians. All are unanimous regarding OL, but we are only half way through August.

Nothing is yet acquired to confirm in points this good start and get a ticket for the group stage of the Champions League. They must indeed get back down to work on Saturday away to Brest before a home game against Montpellier, one of the ogres of France at this start to the season. In the middle it is not sure that the return match in Kazan will be a pleasure even with a two-goal lead. Rémi Garde, deprived of his French u20 internationals, Gourcuff, Ederson, without knowing whether Cris or Mensah will return, it leaves him little room to breathe if the need arose for some. Do they not say, however, that good things bring about other good things? It's a good start...

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