Masculins / Tola Vologe

Tuesday's training session

Published on 02 August 2011 at 1:22 PM
Two days after they emerged victorious against FC Porto in Geneva, Rémi Garde's players met at 10am at Tola Vologe for the first workout of the week.
A group composed of 23 players, even if Pjanic did not take part in the entire session, contenting himself with the physical warm-up. Hugo Lloris warmed up with Joel Bats before going indoors. Under the leadership of Robert Duverne, the warm-up was divided into three periods, a first based on slaloming, a second with "leg lifts" and a third "hurdling" for working on footing while alternating acceleration / recovery.

After this warm-up it was time to work with the ball,  with on the programme an exercise of ball conservation. Two teams of nine players competed in a small area, with the aim of holding onto the ball for as long as possible without exceeding three touches of the ball. The exercise was then complicated with samll goals being installed at the fur corners of the pitch. The players have completed this training with a session of stretching. Note the absence of Ederson and Gourcuff both out injured.

Next session is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10h15.