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Situation report with Rémi Garde

Published on 11 July 2011 at 11:44 AM
The day after the friendly in Austria, Remi Garde took stock after the first week of work ... There was talk of the group ... the staff ... and also the way he works ... An interview which can be found on the show Estivale on Monday from 19h00...

Saturday 12h00 at a hotel about thirty minutes from Salzburg, after the warming down session which marked the end of the training camp in Austria. A summary of the week with Remi Garde.

Rémi how did this training camp go (location, content, players, staff)?

"The conditions were excellent for training, recuperating in a great setting, a serenity necessary early on in the season. Pleasant weather, which was neither too hot nor too cold. The training camp course was interesting. This period of the season is always difficult and tedious. We tried to link the inevitable, physical work, and the ball when we could. The players have made the efforts that were expected of them. It was satisfactory in terms of concentration, involvement ... There were also moments of required relaxation. This is important for the balance of the player and the collective. The training camp also went well for the staff. We recreated and created links in welcoming people such as Gérald Baticle. It is very important that the staff be united, welded to prepare a season that will be very difficult. Yes, overall, there was life with the beginning of accountability of the players. I explained a few things about their responsibility. After if need be, I will intervene with the staff. But the autonomy of a group is a good barometer for the life of a team ... In conclusion... it is a good start."

Did your new role begin during this training camp?

"It started when I gave my agreement, because this business is not limited to leading a training session. All the aspects are numerous and important. Part of my job that related to the pitch began during the course. My way of working? Natural in comparison to what I feel. I'm not trying to imitate. I cannot. It is guided by the staff that I put together. They puts their skills on show. My skills are different. Can you find the man through my job? I think so. In the same way I tell my players to act as men ... I'm not part of the animation of the session for various reasons related to my character, methods... I want to be relevant by rarely intervening. My message can pass during the session, but also outside. I think my staff has a role to play in creating emulation, relaying my message in different forms.... Players receive these messages differently. All sessions are prepared together by asking what I want. Afterwards, during the session, I take a step back to look and analyze..."

Is the notion of pleasure essential?

"It must be present. Right now, for example, we are in a difficult period with heavy workloads. There is suffering, and transcendence ... but all this should lead to fun. This is my conception of things. And the pleasure, it is the ball...the victory..."

Do you feel a sense of revenge amongst the players?

"The players are pros, very demanding vis-à-vis themselves. They know that it is not by changing everything that all will be fine. They, of course they changed their attitude and you can feel it. They follow us in our discourse."

A word about the group at your disposal?

"This training camp allowed us to garner a great deal of information. The group may be missing some equilibrium in certain positions. For now we are working like this. And I am still waiting to recuperate some key players who were unable to complete the full preparation in Austria."