Masculins / AJA 4 OL 0

A big mess....and the desire to start hitting!

Published on 12 May 2011 at 1:25 PM
OL did not confirm their success against Marseille, is the least we can say, at Auxerre ...They confirmed, unfortunately, their inconsistency at the same time causing worry for the end to the season...Match retour ...

Nightmarish evenings...nauseous mornings. There is no real desire to appreciate the Promenade des Anglais, the Rose City or the Yonne in the early morning. Gray very, very dirty everywhere. An exhausting repetition which follows OL’s travels since Nice. So, we get lost in analysis, assumptions. Or resentment, anger. You want to cry, be silent, to hide. We have had enough of congratulating Nice, Toulouse, Auxerre ... because they showed the desire, the beautiful game, hormonal qualities ... So we become, for some, even older jerks thinking back to glorious seasons. However, believe us, every time, optimism preceded the trip especially when the previous match had shown a little or a lot of positive. And frankly, we finished being so demanding as we were in the past! We’d be happy with so little...

At Auxerre, Lyon took a slap without flinching. The worst! OL lost at the Abbé Deschamps stadium, almost their second home, where they were undefeated since the 1999-2000 season. The Abbé Deschamps and its share of happy memories. Did the actors on the pitch and on the bench, hurt as badly as us? Yes, of course, if not...

Certainly, OL had played on Sunday evening at 21h00 while Auxerre played on Saturday at 19h00. Of course, OL were deprived of Toulalan, Gourcuff, Diakhaté, Ederson, Lisandro, Källström. Certainly, Delgado could not, it would appear, start to encounter. But Claude Puel still had the possibility of making choices for the start to this game. He made them. Admittedly, this OL was not back to the wall to keep their third place, as PSG had conceded a draw at home against Nancy. Naively, we thought they would take advantage to build up an almost definitive gap... We even imagined they could still catch up to OM. If this is not blind faith, love? Admittedly, there were lots of kids. But in the opposite camp, they were missing important players as well. There were youngsters without experience, and always in the background the threat of relegation.   


Against Auxerre, OL once again showed their nervousness, their passivity, their lack of charisma, their approximations in terms of solidarity on the field, their inconstancy ... Not to mention their lack of memory after Nice, Toulouse. Never again, we had heard ... You bet! As the famous commissioner San Antonio would say, it itches your extremities... in other words, a desire to "lash out" randomly.

There are certainly reasons for these repeated false notes. There are certainly more guilty parties than others. But is there not a bare minimum to ensure when you defend the colours of Lyon?

Finally, to show that we are looking in the right direction, we still have the strength to believe that OL has its destiny in hand with this point lead over PSGthe only good news at the final whistle against Auxerre. Yes, it's very good news. But gentlemen, you will have to   move your backsides a little more. Unable to build on good results and having the propensity of returning empty handed from your travels, you know you are heading for a disaster if you keep it up. And on Monday night, you will not immediately have a match at Gerland to "change your mind." In Brest, Caen and finally in Monaco? A high risk program which at other times would have made us smile...

Claude Puel has often said that his group needs to grow up. We will see later for the education! There is urgency. Let’s hope that these two slaps will immediately players learn in order to sign a final and real achievement: that of qualifying for the preliminary round of the Champions League. And believe us, this feat, we will know how to appreciate it at its fair value.

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