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A solid OL

Published on 28 February 2011 at 1:40 PM
In the North, the seven time champions of France confirmed their recent good collective performances… The team now uses a reassuring common language… Match retour…

After a great performance against Real Madrid, despite a slump early in the second period, OL just about reproduced the same game against Lille, 2 games that have succeeded the two large successes against ASSE and Nancy. Since the middle of the first period against the Saint-Etienne, there are many similarities in the Olympian performances. The animation of the game with this 4-2-3-1 formation... the manner in which they close down their opponents by weaving an effective cobweb ... the art of the counter-attack ... their mentality of not letting anything go even when the affair is not looking good... the fitness to finish of encounters at full pace...

OL have found a style. Solid, efficient, a collective spirit pushing tricks to the background. Claude Puel leans on a "first choice" team. Apart from injuries or suspension, the turnover is reduced to a trickle: the midfield Toulalan, Gourcuff, Källström for example has started the last 8 games! Gomis has started 9 games since the winter break just like Réveillère and Cissokho ... No wonder there is uniformity with... or without ball possession as was the case in front of ASSE, Real, Lille. No wonder there is continuity in play and results. Too bad they lacked a little attention on the goal conceded, a pity they missed a bit of realism about the potential winning shots late in the game, too bad the captain Cris has experienced muscle discomfort. His exit during the match, however, showed that the strength of Pape Diakhaté who is not a player to ask questions.

OL also showed their strength against one of the 4 contenders for the title. 4 points taken against Lille, without forgetting the point taken against OM, Rennes and PSG. 7 points from a possible 15 ... it's much better than the northerners (3 / 15). The question remains, if this point taken in Lille is a real good affair? It would be dishonest to say no, despite the victories of OM, Rennes and PSG. Each day will bring its’ truth of the moment. How can we not consider that OL have a good deal next weekend by receiving Arles-Avignon, while Lille and OM compete ... If Claude Puel’s men must still visit the Parc des Princes, they will be at home to Rennes and Marseille with, we hope, a great Lisandro.

Everything remains to be done taking into account various ingredients like the habit of resisting such pressure ... the ability to overcome disappointment, or the ability to evacuate a great joy over the upcoming verdict on the European scene ... the exacerbated desire to win everything...the fear of winning ... Now it will be a match between 5 for this undecided crown. Which team can further increase its level of play? Which team can falter? Will attack (Lille) or defence (Rennes) prevail? Everyone can have his opinion...

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