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Team presentation

Published on 12 August 2010 at 2:21 PM
Presentation of all teams which play in OL formation.

Team presentation

Amateur squads
Junior squads

The various teams

- Under-21s

Honneur: League championship
Championnat de France Amateur (CFA): National championship

- Formation

From 14 to 16 years old, the young players are given the opportunity to:
- pass the ‘Bac’ in four years at the Lycée Frédéric Faÿs.
- follow special classes specifically tailored to a Bac STT.
- pass a business diploma (BEP: VAM) in two years at the Lycée Louise Labé.
Each of these courses permits the students to attend the six or seven training sessions per week. The 16-year-old players with an ‘Aspiration’ contract or a placement have the chance to take a CAP in information technology or communications in two years.

2 Under-15 teams
- First Year: Div Honneur League
- Second Year: National Championship

2 Under-17 teams
- First Year: Div Honneur League
- Second Year: National Championship
- First and Second Years: Gambardella Cup (French Cup for Under-17s)

- Pre-Formation
Young players aged between 12 and 14. A three-way agreement between the National Education, the academic institutions (Gabriel Rosset College) and Olympique Lyonnais. A boarding school is provided by the St Louis-St Bruno College.

3 Under-13 teams:
- First Year: Div Promotion League
- Second Year: Div Honneur League
- First and Second Years mixed: Highest level District League

- Éveil - initiation

L'éveil - initiation programme brings together players from 6 – 12 years of age in three categories.
Débutants 6 to 8 years: Regional tournaments throughout the year
Poussin 8 to 10 years:
Benjamins 10 to 12 years: Rhône District Championship