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They overcame the Iseran

Published on 07 August 2010 at 7:15 PM
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Les féminines à Tignes #3


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On Saturday morning, 20 of the OL female squad climbed the 11km of the Iseran, with Elodie Thomis in front and a phenomenal head coach.

On the little game of predictions this morning, the staff betted on a number of names: Pons, Dickenmann, Thomis, Nécib, Cruz. Under the heavy sun, it was finally Elodie Thomis who came in first crushing the competition, taking the lead as early as the second kilometre. With surprising ease, the OL forward finished off the race in just over an hour, followed by Lara Dickenmann then Aurélie Kaci, authors of an excellent ascension. Shirley Cruz, Wendie Renard and Lotta Schelin then arrived before the main group finished off, Sandrine Brétigny, receiving an ovation from her team-mates upon her arrival. Only Amandine Henry was rested by the staff, because of a knee problem.

As for himself, Patrice Lair had claimed since the start of the training camp that he couldn’t ride a bike. Disinformation or not, the new OL coach rode up in no time at all, with the stopwatch at 53 minutes and 9 seconds, only 2 minutes behind the record set by Nicolas Seguin! « Get rid of this bike for me », was all he had to say when he finished, in front of the organizers, amazed by his performance…


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