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Claude Puel clears things up

Published on 28 June 2010 at 6:30 PM
The OL manager reviewed what has been written in the press about the new organistion of the clubs staff after the departure of Georges Prost....

“A lot of wrong information is going around at the moment. Nothing has been finalised yet. Things will fall into place over the next two or three weeks and we will then communicate on the subject. It’s true that Georges Prost has left us. He has signed in Qatar. He had just one year of his contract remaining at OL. It is true that Stéphane Roche will be coming in to reinforce the youth academy. It is also true that Farid Bensisti will be a lot closer to the pro squad, supervising our opponents and working with or recruitment team as well. There is a great desire to bring in former OL players like Stéphane, people who know the club well. I also read that Alain Cavéglia was going to join us. That’s not true. For the definitive organisation you will just have to wait”.