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D -1: Louisa Nécib "no complexes"

Published on 19 May 2010 at 8:00 AM
OL Women's playmaker answered questions at Tuesday evening's press conference. She is going into her first Champions League final with determination.

Louisa, how is the group preparing for this final?
"The closer we come to it, the more it is on our minds. We have managed something fantastic in qualifying for the final. Now we want to achieve something extraordinary in winning it. You don’t play a final, you win it. We’re going to put everything on our side in order to do so."

Is there a complex when faced with the Germans who dominate female football?
"No, there are no complexes and we shouldn’t be afraid. We know all about the strength of German football, whether it be feminine or masculine. We’re expecting a difficult match against Potsdam, who have a solid defensive block and great attacking qualities. In any case, a final is never an easy match. We have enough quality to put them in danger. We will be putting everything we have into the match."

Could this match be a turning point for French female football?
"Yes, everyone involved with female football on France is looking to this final as it is the first. I hope that we will represent our country well. I don’t know if this final will bring us more media attention than there was before, but I’d like it if we were shown a little more interest."


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