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L. Blanc: "I think we can pull off an exploit"

Published on 06 April 2010 at 4:53 PM
Just before 15h30 Laurent Blanc appeared at the press conference. The Bordeaux manager spoke about the Champions League quarter-final return leg awaiting his players.

"We can't wait to get out

there, as time seems to

be going so slowly"

So Laurent, this match…
I can’t wait to be there, it’s a great match to be playing in! When you are preparing for such a game, you are anxious to get out on the pitch as everything seems to take so long.

What state do you think your players are in?
A lot is being said about Bordeaux at the moment. In 2009, a lot of good was said about Bordeaux, since the start of 2010 less so and quite rightly. But I think if the players really want to set things right, especially with themselves, then tomorrow’s match is ideal. We have, still, to be capable of winning. But, I think my players will be able to put in a good performance against an excellent team. And I feel that an exploit, because that is what it will take, is within our reach. Now, everyone who loves Bordeaux and who is coming to the ground tomorrow must believe that too, otherwise they may as well stay at home.

Your team has all the cards in hand…
That is it exactly. I think that we know exactly what we have to do tomorrow. In any case we know that we have to score two goals and not concede any. As I said to the players, I’m expecting a lot of implication, I want them to be very demanding and more than anything win this mach. Afterwards we will have to manage the game and I hope that that we were lacking in the first leg and the mistakes that really hurt us will be wiped out. We will have to play a lot better in the defensive department. I’m expecting a lot from my players in the content of the performance.

What type of match are you expecting?
Nobody can foresee the scenario of the match. We are going to try a put a strategy in place, but the problem with that is that you can never be 100% sure there will not be an individual error. Our first 10-15 minutes in Lyon were excellent. We’ll see if we are capable of putting in the same start to the match, trying to put Lyon in difficulty and not the contrary.

A word about Marc Planus…
He is going to train this afternoon, he is in the group, for the time being I have nothing else to tell you.

"Enjoy yourselves

because you may not

play another match

like this"


Is a revolt necessary?
I don’t think that a revolt would be enough. If we manage to put in a perfect match tomorrow, it will be through our play. If not, a lot of teams would go through just because they had revolted. We cannot forget to play tomorrow, because it is a fantastic match to be playing in. I said to my players “enjoy yourselves because you may not play another match like this”.

Is the absence of Lisandro Lopez a relief for you?
It’s not a relief, Lyon will just be without a very good player for the return leg. It would be an insult to Gomis to say otherwise. He is also a good player who can score goals, we know all about his qualities.

How are you going to play tomorrow night?

In a 4-2-5 formation. But you know tactics come from the coach, afterwards it is the animation of these tactics on the pitch which is important. In any case, we will have to put in a perfect performance and, in my opinion, stay at 0-0 as long as possible.

Is Claude Puel likely to try a tactical change?

Why would he try a tactical surprise? I think that Lyon are so close to that which they have desired for ten years, that the coach will not take the risk of trying out a surprise. If he did and it didn’t work, I think that there would be someone upstairs who would not be happy at all (laughs).

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