Masculins / OL - Lens D -2

Press Conference: Claude Puel

Published on 11 February 2010 at 1:25 PM
The OL coach reminded everyone that his style still has a lot of room for improvement...As far as Lens, OL's opponents on Saturday, are concerned, he is expecting to face a side with nothing to lose...

The injury situation
and Clerc have both started running. Gonalons is suffering from his wisdom teeth and Lovren has gastroenteritis. As far as Bodmer is concerned, he could make his comeback with the CFA side if their match takes place.


What is your impression of this Lens side?
« They are full of confidence after two wins in a row. They will have the mentality of a side that has nothing to lose and everything to gain. We know what to expect from a team like them. That they played on Wednesday will not be a problem for them. In any case everything depends on us, on our implication, on our play. We don’t have to look and see what our opponents are doing. The difficulties that Bordeaux are facing? I only want to talk about my side. »

Are OL going to grow stronger as far as their play is concerned?
« The team has performed differently from one match to another, even within the same match. If we can be more consistent, we can progress a great deal especially when you see that we have taken 10 points from the last 4 matches. We can do ourselves a lot of good ».

Did you glean any information from the match against Toulouse?
« It was a difficult match because of the opponent, the pitch and our lack of good attacking play. Last Sunday we managed to rectify the defence which had been dropping too deep beforehand. It’s part of what we needed to change due to the fact that we have to animate the play. The players were also a little tired after the fitness work we had done earlier on in the week. We had a chance to do some then so we did. We’ve worked well this week, have recuperated and that should put us in a better perspective for our coming matches. Afterwards, we are objective concerning our performances. We know where we are at and that we have to be able to compete with any other team ».

Will you be making as much turn-over? Will a first choice side start to come into shape?
«What do you mean by a first choice side? You have to rotate the squad. It’s an old fantasy to want to have a set first 11. The aim now is to have players who respond present when they have to, players who give everything that they have. There is squad rotation and competition for places. At Lyon, there are extra demands »

Is the match against Real present in everyone’s thoughts?

« We’re preparing for it along with the match against Lens. But, before Real we have to play the match against Lens. I still haven’t made any decisions concerning the game against Real … »

How do you feel Lisandro is at the moment ?

« He has had a poorer run of form, but he has been great this week. He is getting back to his best form. It’s not a problem of position. At Porto, he had already played in a number of positions. I’m interested in how we play before looking a positioning or formations ».

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