Masculins / Nancy - OL D -2

OL's return phase

Published on 14 January 2010 at 10:01 AM
On Saturday against Nancy, OL will kick off the return phase of the league campaign. How have OL done during the second half of the season since their first title of French champions...

Since their first title of French champions with 30 points in 19 matches, OL have registered their lowest points total after the first phase of the league campaign in 2009-2010. As a reminder, they have totalled, respectively,  33 (17 matches), 35, 36, 39, 44, 50 (in 2006-2007), 39, 38 and now 30.

Everyone remmebers how OL had to fight hard in the second phase of the season for their first three titles, also benefitting from their rivals falling off the pace. Things went a lot easier during the 4 other campaigns with remarkable performances in the first half of the season.

During the mast eight seasons, OL have, on three occasions, been in better form during the return phase: in 2003-2004, 43 points against 36 ; in 2004-2005, 40 against 39 and in 2007-2008, 40 against 39.

Their weakest return? In 2006-2007 with 31 points after having taken 50 during the first phase!

On one single occasion, OL managed the same number of points. In 2001-2002 with 33 points.

OL will face ten away matches in this second half of the season. They will travel to Bordeaux, Marseille, Montpellier, Lorient, Rennes, Valenciennes, Nancy, Sochaux, Toulouse and Boulogne.

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