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Recent derbies at Geoffroy-Guichard

Published on 30 October 2009 at 11:38 AM
In just a few words, a look back at recent stories at Saint-Etienne...since the last defeat on the 6th of April 1994...
April 23rd 1994: A 1-1 draw.

February 27th 1996: Elie Baup was sacked as manager and replaced for the derby by Bossis. The new manager, Dominique Bathenay, was named on the day of the match. A 1-1 draw.

November 10th 1999: OL play the derby in black shorts. Another 1-1 draw, with a goal from Anderson.

September 6th 2000: The famous story of the fake passports deprived Alex of the match. A 2-2 draw.

October 3rd 2004: What a match… what a turnaround. OL equalise and win the game in stoppage time with a goal from Govou. Unforgettable.

December 11th 2005: A frozen pitch… a miraculous save from « Greg » Coupet on the line. 0-0.

March 3rd 2007: A demonstration from OL… 3-0 after 47 minutes of play, finishing 3-1. But also a derby interrupted for a number of minutes because of flares.

January 27th 2008: A strange goal by Gomis from a Coupet clearance. The free-kick in stoppage time by Benzema for a 1-1 draw.

August 31st 2008: A goal from Benzema in a 1-0 victory which saw Saint-Etienne dominated.