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OL’s biggest ever transfers

Published on 09 July 2009 at 6:58 PM
The €17.7m transfer of Sonny ANDERSON remains, to this day, the biggest in Lyon’s history ahead of that of Kader KEITA at €16m and Fred at €15.4m.
The top 15 transfers in OL’s history reveal that 11 of them were in dealings with other French clubs, highlighting the crucial role the club plays in the Ligue 1 economy.

In the last ten seasons, OL has acquired playing contracts for a total of €337m, €212m of which went to other French clubs.

The immediate arrival of striker Lisandro LOPEZ, whose transfer was negotiated with FC Porto to the value of €24m before performance based bonuses, will see the Argentine international head straight to the top of the charts!

Top 15 transfers in OL history

1. €17.7m - Sonny ANDERSON in 1999 from FC Barcelona
2. €16m - Kader KEITA in 2007 from Lille
3. €15.4m - FRED in 2005 from Cruzeiro
4. €15.2m - EDERSON in 2008 from Nice
5. €14m - Jean II MAKOUN in 2008 from Lille
6. €12.1m - Eric CARRIERE in 2001 from Nantes
7. €11.7m – Mickaël ESSIEN in 2002 from Bastia
8. €11.1m - EDMILSON in 2000 from Sao Paulo
9. €10.2m - TIAGO in 2005 from Chelsea
10. €8.8m – Pegguy LUYINDULA in 2001 from Strasbourg
11. €8.5m - Eric ABIDAL in 2004 from Lille
12. €8.5m - Hugo LLORIS in 2008 from Nice
13. €8.4m - John MENSAH in 2008 from Rennes
14. €8.2m - Kim KÄLLSTRÖM in 2005 from Rennes
15. €8.1m - Sébastien SQUILACCI in 2006 from Monaco

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