Masculins / OL - ASSE D-3

Notes on ASSE

Published on 23 August 2007 at 8:50 AM
The Stéphanois have taken 5 points from 4 matches. Their team has changed considerably since last season, when they finished 11th, 32 points behind OL… for the moment, having played one more game, they are 2 lengths in front of their neighbours…
A 3-1 win against Valenciennes, 2 draws, against Monaco (1-1) and Bordeaux (0-0), and a 1-0 loss to Rennes. 4 goals scored and 3 conceded. 16 players used. 6 yellow cards.

4 goals scored: Feindouno 3 and Gomis 2. One goal from a penalty against Monaco (Feindouno). 4 goals from inside the area. 4 goals from 59 shots (17 on target, 33 off target and 9 blocked).

3 goals conceded: 3 goals from inside the area. # goals after set pieces (2 corners and a free kick). 3 goals conceded from 36 opposition shots.

6 yellow cards: Tavlaridis 2, Nivaldo 2, Sall 1 and Varrault 1.

16 players used: Janot and Tavlaridis have played every minute of all 4 matches. Perrin, Nivaldo, Varrault, Landrin, Feindouno, Gomis and Ilan have participated in all 4 matches.

The ASSE squad has undergone a massive transformation during the summer. Camara, Hognon, Ilunga, Diatta, Hautcoeur and Sablé moved on. That’s 3 first-choice defenders (Camara, Ilunga and Hognon) and their captain for the last few seasons (Sablé). The team is no longer managed by the Czech Hasek. To cover the departures, Nilsson, Nivaldo, Tavlaridis, Varrault, Matuidi, Douala, Gigliotti and Payet have arrived in the Forez. And Laurent Roussey eschewed his assistant manager hat for the manager’s fez.

At the same stage last season, ASSE had already collected 9 points.

Feindouno is the most experienced L1 player for Les Verts (228) ahead of Landrin (182) and Varrault (168). The Guinean is also their top scorer with 44 L1 goals, including 2 in derbies.

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