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Galtier: former Toulouse man

Published on 09 August 2007 at 8:01 AM
Assistant to Casoni, Clemente, Braga, Tardy and Gili, he has been working with Alain Perrin since 2004… He was also a player for 13 years, notably with Toulouse… Christophe Galtier is our expert for round 2…
A few days out from the trip to Toulouse, it made sense to meet with Christophe. He played for 3 seasons in the Pink City.

What do you think of when someone mentions Toulouse?
“The birth of my second son Enzo. Meeting the player Beto Marcico. 3 seasons with 3 very different squads; 3 extraordinary squads of good friends. I’m still in contact with Bancarel, Delpech, Pavon… Each time, it’s great to see each other and have a chat. I couldn’t forget Barthez.”

In terms of matches?
“The first season was disappointing in relation to our initial objectives – a European place – and we ended up fighting relegation (19th). It was a catastrophic season except for in its human aspect. I had a meniscus operation at the end of the season. The 2nd season (11th) was tough in human terms with the departure of Beto Marcico. We were never in danger of relegation. Beto’s departure depressed the squad. Then there was a bus accident on a trip to St-Etienne and some fans were injured and some others killed. The 3rd season (13th)? I have nothing to say.” Christophe played 83 L1 matches with TFC.

Beto Marcico?
“He was an example. When he left the club, there was a huge crowd at the airport. At that time in Toulouse, there was only Beto and Dominique Baudis (the mayor).

Personally what has stayed with you from your time in Toulouse?
“I arrived there after 3 good seasons at Lille and I was ambitious. I acquired a lot of experience; I was vice-captain in the 2nd season and captain in the 3rd. I matured. But nothing interesting in terms of football. I always follow the results of my former teams and I check to see whether old players have become club employees.” Christophe played wing-back and in central defence. His central defensive partner? Jean-Luc Arribagé, still at Toulouse.

A word on the city?
“It’s a good life there. Toulouse is a simple place, a sincere place, a party town. You feel the rugby spirit and the values of that sport. It’s a very convivial place. When I go to a club, I try to immerse myself in the city, its characteristics and its inhabitants. I want to form good memories.”

Your memories of TFC – OL at the Stadium?
“In 90-91, I had just arrived when I played my first game there. It was our first home game for the season. OL was 1-0 up at half time. Our manager Mosca shook us up in the locker rooms. And Beto, who missed a chance, spoke: it’s my fault; I will win the match for you. We won 3-1, with 2 goals from Beto. The 2 other matches (1-0 win, goal to Pavon, and 0-0), I don’t really remember them.”

Christophe then turned to this season’s round 2 clash between the clubs. “I’m no clairvoyant because I’m biased. I like to bet, but not with money, it’s dangerous.”

Auxerre – Bordeaux: “Auxerre can’t afford to lose. Blanc the manager? It was on the cards, just like with Deschamps before him.”

Lorient – Monaco: “Monaco are obliged to get a result.”

OM – Rennes: “The Bretons will be looking to make up for their points lost at home but that’ll be tough in Marseille. OM? I think they acted very intelligently during the off-season.”

Nancy – Caen: “Nancy will win, after the way they beat Rennes. The Lorrains are dangerous from set pieces by Gavanon and players like Puygrenier… Metz has just been promoted. They’ll have to find their feet.”

Nice – Strasbourg: “Nice. There will be a huge crowd there. Maybe the Niçois will have learned their lessons from the past.”

ASSE- VA: “I saw some of Monaco – ASSE; I thought Les Verts looked in good shape and I think they’ll win, even though VA played well.”

Sochaux – Le Mans: “Sochaux. It’s a bit of my bias coming out, but they have looked good since the start of the season. They are competitive.”

Metz – Lille: “Sorry to Metz but I think Lille will win. I don’t think Metz have found the rhythm of L1 yet.”

Lens – PSG: “PSG because of Paul Le Guen. I like the man and the respect he has for others. I also like the way he puts his management theory into practice. He demands respect from others in this field.”