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Juninho: “I miss scoring goals”

Published on 02 May 2007 at 5:30 PM
Juninho discusses OL’s trip to Paris. With the record for away wins in a season on the line, the Brazilian maintains that “the motivation is to enjoy ourselves”.
A quick word on this morning’s training session…
We’re trying to maintain our desire, to finish the season well. Right now, we have to have fun to train well. The season is almost over, so we’re doing our best to prepare for the next match.

Is it hard to motivate yourselves?
We’re getting there. We can’t give up. A large part of the squad will have international matches. Players from European teams have some important matches coming up. Fred has the Copa America. So we have to keep our standards high at training. Also, we have a match to play on Saturday. Even if the result isn’t that important, it’s always great to play in Paris. We have to try to win to finish the season well.

Playing a PSG team on the comeback trail in a full Parc des Princes should provide some motivation…
The motivation is to enjoy ourselves. In our last few matches in Paris, it hasn’t beemn at all like that. We’re hoping for a match at a high technical level, with goals as well. May the bestteam win!

Does the chance to beat the league’s record for away wins in a season motivate you?
It’s interesting. We discussed it in thedressing room before the match against Auxerre. It’ll be a good opportunity in Paris but also a difficult one. In the league, we haven’t lost for a couple of matches. It’s important to keep this up.

You will come up against Paul Le Guen, now the manager at PSG. What does that evoke in you?
It’s good. He had a good record at this club, he had 3 good seasons here. He established a system of play which was followed up by Gérard (Houllier). He has achieved a lot, be it at Paris or Lyon. It’s not easy to achieve what he has in his time at Paris. In the last 4-5 matches, has been playing well and is preparing for next season.

Have you discusses this impending reunion with your team-mates?
No, we haven’t. Some players still have a very strong link with him. But now he’s on the other side. It seems he has already established his system of play. He knows the ropes at PSG and has done for some time. He had a strong record as the captain of the capital club. Though it hasn’t been easy, to save themselves, Paris has played all its matches as if it could win the championship. And now their survival is assured.

You will be up against Paul Le Guen, but also Jérémy Clément. Peguy Luyindula and Pierre-Alain Frau will be absent. Do you stay informed as to how your former team-mates are doing?
Of course. Those players gave a lot to OL. Peguy is getting stronger and stronger. Jérémy (Clément) has the confidence of Paul, and he knows us really well as he began his career here. These days, the Parisians seem a lot more motivated, much more confident and a much tighter unit. They have a lot of talent in every part of the pitch and now they are also much more balanced.

From a personal point of view, what are your objectives?
Scoring goals. It’s been a long while since I scored. Even though I’m not a striker, I miss it. It’s been a long time. Recently, I’ve had a lot of clear-cut chances but have been unable to score from set pieces and open play. But also to help the team to win so we can go on holidays in a good state of mind.

Concerning your contract extension, what stage are the discussions at?
We’ll see at the end of the season. Right now, they’re not very far advanced but that’s completely normal. I can’t get ahead of myself but I’m not worried. I can assure you things will be much clearer at the end of the season or maybe even after the holidays.