Masculins / AJA 0-0 OL

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Published on 22 April 2007 at 8:26 PM
All the reactions following the match between AJA and OL.
Hatem Ben Arfa: It was a closed-off game tonight. We played to win against a team playing to avoid losing. We’re the champions, and we’ll really celebrate it at our next match at Gerland.

Florian Maurice: I thought the Auxerrois were a bit timid. They weren’t pushing forwards. The match didn’t really get going and Sorin did his job well. Lyon just needed some better finishing.

Remi Garde: Auxerre didn’t deliver, which made the match yawn-inspiring at times. We understand that our team is very hard to play against. It’s tough to get the ball back from our players. But we rediscovered a few qualities that have been missing in recent weeks. It wasn’t too bad.

Grégory Coupet: The important thing was not to concede. Despite appearances, I had my work cut out for me tonight.

Philippe Violeau: The match would have been very different had OL scored when Baros had the chance. Like Flo Maurice said, the match never got going.
For me, the first title remains fabulous. The comeback, the match against Lens… No-one could stop us that day. It’s still my dearest memory. At the time we had less quality that today’s team, but it was still a good team, good mates. We still keep in touch, catch up… true friends. It’s an awesome thing.

Patrick Müller: we deserved more than a draw tonight. We did well to create the chances we had without conceding. After we won the tile yesterday, we wanted to play a good game tonight. We played well but didn’t really have a chance to put one in the back of the net. For me, it was a real pleasure to play with my team-mates. With midfielders who do a lot of extra work, it wasn’t that tough for me. We have 5 games left and we’ll do our best to stay focused to celebrate all the way to the end.

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  • Masculins / AJA 0-0 OL
  • Masculins / AJA 0-0 OL
  • Masculins / AJA 0-0 OL
  • Masculins / AJA 0-0 OL
  • Masculins / AJA 0-0 OL