Masculins / OL - Sedan D-2

The 18 Sedanais for Lyon

Published on 13 April 2007 at 2:57 PM
José Pasqualetti has announced his squad for Sunday night. 18 players will make the trip to the Stade Gerland including Romain Sartre and Joseph-Désiré Job, former Olympiens... as well as Belhadj, future Lyonnais.
The squad: Regnault, Trévisan - Ducourtioux, Lachor, Badoine, Sartre, Yahia, Belhadj, Maurice-Belay, Jau, Noro, Amalfitano, Cissé, Ouadah, Mokaké, Job, Pujol, Boutabout.

Romain Sartre should be a starter on Sunday night. He played 15 minutes at the Stade Gerland wearing the OL shirt. The first time ? Against Lens on September 27, 2003, when he came on for Patrick Müller in the 77th minute. The second – and last - time? November 22, 2003 against Strasbourg. He replaced Malouda in the 93rd minute.

Romain, how are you? How is Sedan going? ?
“I’m happy to return to Lyon and to take the field at Gerland. I hope to start the match and that everything goes well. The team’s morale is high despite losing to Toulouse. Last Sunday, we did our best and played our game. But it didn’t pay off. It’s moire frustrating than anything else. We knew we couldn’t stay unbeaten until the end of the season. The atmosphere is really good; the manager’s pep talks are going really well. We’ve found a measure of certainty in our game. We always score goals and we’ve kept several clean sheets.”

A word on your knee?
“I have no more problems. On the other hand, physically I had a bit of a slump after I came back in January. That’s normal. You feel like trying things, but you can’t do it. You have to deal with it. But now I’m back to normal, which was evident against Toulouse.”

What is Sedan hoping to achieve in this trip to Lyon?
“First and foremost to play our own game until the end. As for the result, we’ll see. We know that OL is the top dog and that we’re in 19th place. We also know that we have a run of matches coming up against direct rivals that are very important in terms of our fight for survival: Nice, Troyes, Valenciennes... If we can take 12 points from our remaining matches, we should beat the drop. A result at Gerland would be an awesome bonus.”

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