Masculins / VA 0-0 OL

Reactions... Reactions... Reactions....

Published on 07 April 2007 at 8:38 PM
Reactions after the match between Valenciennes and OL at the Stade Nungesser.
Gérard Houllier: A good team never loses twice in a row. After our loss to Bordeaux, we couldn’t afford another loss. The team played to win. We created a lot of scoring chances. We lacked a bit of quality in our finishing. We linked up well. We got ourselves in good positions to score but we lacked aggression in the final ball. What’s worrying for a manager is when your team doesn’t create chances. You shouldn’t get worried if the lads miss goals. At least you have the opportunities to score goals. Tonight OL played a champion’s match, with a lot of drive, motivation, responsibility and rigour. We stuck at it. And I mean everyone. It would have been a disaster to lose this match. Valenciennes deserved the draw at Gerland. Tonight we deserved the victory. It balances out. First we have to take out the title that’s not quite won yet. The sooner we secure it, the more time we’ll have to appreciate it and the more intense our pleasure will be.

Eugène Kabongo: It felt in the first half like OL were going to score, they had two clear-cut chances. In the second half, they seemed to lack something in their finishing. After Benzema went off, they lost something up front. It’s a real shame even though a point at Valenciennes is nothing to be sneezed at. It was a cup match for Valenciennes. We’ll wait for the next home game to see how OL reacts.

Jean-Jacques Amprino (OL doctor): Jérémy Toulalan took a knock to his knee and sustained a cut that needed three stitches. He couldn’t keep playing. So far there doesn’t seem to be any twisting of the knee.
Karim Benzema felt some pain in the back of his right thigh. It doesn’t look too serious but he may have pulled it. We’ll give him and MRI on Tuesday.

Sébastien Squillaci: It wasn’t easy tonight. We played a good match but just couldn’t score. They had some chances but Greg (Coupet) played really well. It’s a good draw in terms of our spirits but we just needed a goal to make the difference. Tonight, our finishing was poor but we’ll keep at it. It’ll come back, some nights are just like that. We have to make do with the point. But we’re happy just the same. We’re getting closer to the title.

Anthony Réveillère: It was a good draw tonight. It wasn’t easy. The pitch wasn’t great and our passing suffered, which meant we couldn’t play a lot of first-time balls, but we adapted. Even though we have a lead at the top of the table, we can’t sit back. We have to be rigorous. We have two home games coming up and we need to take all the points. We should finish the job in style, enjoy it and pass it on to the fans.

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