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Published on 06 March 2007 at 11:28 PM
All the reactions after Olympique Lyonnais’ elimination from the Champions League.
Pierre Laigle: Losing 2-0 at home after not being able to score in the away game is a big disappointment. Over both legs, what can you say, Roma controlled the play and were clinical in front of goal. The Romans were tougher and more physical than we were tonight. Totti’s goal came very quickly and made the Gones’ task much more difficult. We didn’t see a good Lyon team out there. Fred was isolated up front.

Sidney Govou: It’s a massive disappointment for the journey to finish here. We were up against a really good Italian side. We lacked the attacking drive that won us the derby. We never found feet in front of an impeccable Roman defence. We couldn’t change gears when we needed to. When we thought we had switched gears, they stuck the knife in for the second time. We hoped for so much in this competition, it’s a shame.

Rémi Garde: we knew we would be playing a really good Roma team.
tonight we had trouble really getting our game in place. AS Roma defended remarkably well and played a very disciplined match. The perfectly controlled the whole field and played brilliant counterattacking football.
We were really good in the first half of the season but we’ve had trouble getting back on track. We couldn’t find the quality of play and the finishing we needed. Roma showed it has a really good team that attacks well. It was a best case scenario for them.

Gérard Houllier: Roma made the most of our 2 errors and scored twice, giving us a lesson in finishing and effectiveness. It’s a failure and a disappointment for our fans. We should have troubled Roma more but their 2 goals made out mission almost impossible. The turning point of the match was the second goal, scored by Mancini.
We didn’t make the most of our chances and were faced with an in-form Doni. After the first goal, the team moved into attacking mode, because they believed they could do what it took. Our tactical error came from the right sentiment though, as our pushing hard to score opened us up for the second goal on the counter.
The end of the season? There is still a title and a Coupe de la Ligue to win and lots of teams in France would like to be in our position. The elimination in Marseille felt worse than this. We had too many players under-performing when we were knocked out of the Coupe de France. I can’t wait for Sunday’s game… against Marseille.

Jean-Michel Aulas: We met a great Roma team tonight with some great technicians but also an experienced squad. We knew they could score at any moment, and that was the case. It was a worst case scenario for us. Roma played very well. The players were very disappointed but they know they weren’t up to par tonight. It’s complicated to be in several competitions at once. Barça and Inter, leaders of the Spanish and Italian leagues, also went out tonight.
We have to get back on track now for Sunday as the league title is our priority. We’ll get back to business of qualifying for this prestigious competition next year.

Alou Diarra: We had hoped to go further than last year, but we missed the bus tonight. We expected a very solid and defensive team. They surprised us and the team with the better finishing won out. We lacked lucidity in the final move and the final pass… at this stage of the competition, you pay dearly for that. We still have two competitions and we will dedicate ourselves to them. OL has the mentality to bounce back.

Anthony Réveillère: This loss really hurts. We weren’t expecting it, especially in front of our fans. The first goal changed everything. We had to go forward, which meant leaving ourselves open… We couldn’t deal with the match after that and Roma made the most of it. We have 2 objectives left: an historic 6th title and the final of the Coupe de la Ligue. We have to keep moving forwards because we don’t have many matches left.

Sonny Anderson: We had a few chances but you have days like that when you just can’t find the answers. It wasn’t easy for Fred, the Roma defenders did everything they could to put him off. That’s their game. When you look at Totti, he wasn’t in the game all that much, but then he pooped up and scored a goal. Mancini’s technique also made the difference. Roma attack was at 100%.

Juninho: It was one of our goals for the season. There isn’t much to say. We didn’t play a good game. Conceding a goal at the beginning of the first half exposed us, even though we played a bit better in the second half. It’s disenchanting. I hope it serves as an example for kids out there who want to win the Champions League. I’ve had lots of great moments here, but sadly, my biggest goal was to win the Champions League, and we missed out. We got eliminated. We’re very disappointed. We believed we could do it right from the start of the season. We could have gone further. We’re not as consistent a team as we used to be.
Since the beginning of 2007, there is no-one to blame, but we have played some bad matches. Now everyone knows our team. We have a 13-point lead in the league. We’ll try to win the double, something the club has never done. For me personally, the end of the season is set to be quite difficult.

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  • Masculins / OL 0-2 AS Roma
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  • Masculins / OL 0-2 AS Roma
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