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Grégory Coupet in le Progrès

Published on 02 March 2007 at 12:31 PM
Le Progrès this morning devotes a page to Grégory Coupet, Olympique Lyonnais’ goalkeeper. He discusses the derby, Barthez, Domenech, his future at Lyon, AS Roma and finally the presidential elections.

[IMG41305#L]On the derby, a quick response: “it’ll be spicy, tense and exciting”. He regrets that the match will be played on Saturday rather than Sunday as “24 hours’ recuperation is important for the Champions League.”
The return of Barthez: “Everyone expects a new rivalry with Barthez, it’s funny.” When asked whether he is surprised by Barthez’s return, he responds: “I have a lot of respect for the player. He return is for me a real apprenticeship at the end of the career.” His future with OL: “I have one season left as a player and my drive to play is strong enough. But I need calm, not a contract for another year. It’s not over for me at Lyon yet.” On a career overseas: “At the moment, overseas only interests me in terms of a family plan.”
AS ROMA: “The crowd’s support will make us strong.” On the possibility of elimination: “It would be a bit of a drama for many people, because we really raised their hopes in the first half of the season.” The last question from Jean-François Gomez and Antoine Osanna is whether he will vote in the presidential elections: “Yes, thinking of the environment, because I am a father. The planet is being ruined, and we no longer have a choice; we have to react.”

[IMG41304#L]Coupet also features in France Foot but this time with Saturday’s rival keeper Janot (ASSE). The two friends discuss the rivalry between their clubs at derby time. For Coupet, he sees the match as any other: “Don’t concede goals.” Pour Janot: “It’s a top-level match where you can’t afford to make mistakes.” France Foot follows with a vox pop taken along the road between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. The reporter notes that “Green Hell” starts at the Rive de Gier…

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