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Published on 31 January 2007 at 11:47 PM
All the reactions after OL’s defeat to Marseille in the Coupe de France…
Patrice Bergues: WE controlled our game well but couldn’t contain their storm of attacks at the end of the match. Congratulations to them and good luck for the rest of the competition.
There were some surprises tonight, especially in terms of aggression. Juninho got the first yellow card even though many fouls had been committed before that.
We missed 5 minutes. Marseille went all-out in attack at the end and it paid off. In the end we’re disappointed because we came here to get a good result and kick-start our league campaign for the year. 5 minutes from the end, it was mission accomplished. That’s just one of the dangers in football. There are good spots and bad… When a team knows how to win, it should know how to lose as well. At the moment, OL is going through a rough patch. Tomorrow we’ll se things a bit more clearly, and we’ll get back on track in the league, and we’ll taste victory again.

Florent Malouda: It was a good match but I’m disappointed that we cracked at the end. We knew it would be really tough at the Stade Vélodrome. OM push really hard and played with an abundance of attackers at the end. And it paid off.
It hurts to lose a match in the last 5 minutes, but you have to be able to lift your head, move on, analyse the match and get back on the front foot.

Marcelo (Sporting Agent): Lyon did the hard work in opening the score. We pulled back a lot on the second half and ended up conceding twice in the dying minutes. We just needed 5 more minutes… or there were 5 too many. It’s a shame.

Gérard Houllier: Tonight, I feel sorriest for the supporters. For the players also, they deserved better, but that’s the Coupe de France. We pulled back more than we’re used to in the second half and paid cash for all our mistakes.
We missed chances… top sides make the most of these occasions. When we play away from home, we have to capitalise on these chances. My players are beat, and I share their sadness more than anything else.
I regret that we couldn’t hold onto the result. We’ll soon see whether it may have been a blessing in disguise, because our schedule is less jam-packed now. We’ll see after the two matches against AS Roma if this bad result has benefits attached.

Juninho: We leave Marseille very disappointed to have been eliminated. We just missed out tonight, we could have finished the game off but couldn’t manage to make the break. We lost it in the last 5 minutes. You have to know how to lose. January has been very tough for us…
Still, we managed to play well for most of the match, but without scoring again. That’s football, you have periods like this… In these moments, you have to stick together…
In Troyes, we’ll have to start the match like we did tonight. That’ll be tough, though, because they’ll also be highly motivated to play us. We have to learn how to play against this kind of team to regain our advantage in the league.

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