Masculins / Toulouse - OL D-4

Morning training

Published on 09 January 2007 at 1:13 PM
After a week of double training sessions, the OL squad today resumed the habitual rhythm of one session per day. A 22-man group trained from 10h30 this morning in mild, sunny conditions.
Only Grégory Coupet (thigh strain) and Joan Hartock (recovering) missed the session.

They began with a lap of Tola Vologe before a long physical conditioning session with Robert Duverne. On the menu: arm and groin warm-ups, sidesteps, knee-bends and jump-steps.

One part of the group then hit the gym while the rest continued the physical conditioning in 4 groups: the invisible chair, step, hurdles and weighted sprints. John Carew, Anthony Réveillère, Patrick Müller and Juninho did further laps of Tola Vologe.

The group then assembled to work with the ball. Rémy Vercoutre and Alexandre Bouchard worked nearby with coach Joël Bats. The outfield players warmed up with some passing on the ground, through the air and then on the volley.

They then did some passing exercises on a half-pitch before stretching out.
Jérémy Toulalan and Sidney Govou finished with shots on goal.