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Training resumes at Tola Vologe

Published on 02 January 2007 at 1:28 PM
Gérard Houllier and his men hit the pitch at Tola Vologe for the first training run of 2007.
The boys ran through a few of Patrice Bergues’ on-ball training exercises: technical moves and juggling were on the menu, with 10 push-ups the punishment for anyone who let the ball hit the ground.

So, the OL boys had to put the end of year parties behind them and get down to work: “Eliminate excess… like the delicious couscous I enjoyed during the break at home in Tunisia,” admitted Hatem Ben Arfa after the first session of the day, before adding: “We’re happy to see our friends again. The feeling is very warm despite the cold weather. We talk about holidays, parties… but above all, the big games coming up and the trophies we want to win.” So, it begins again: another 5 months of competition, of marathon, of matches… in the league and the cups.

Training with the OL squad, which was missing Cris, Fred, Caçapa and Carew this morning, were Joël Bats, Rémi Garde, Bruno Genesio and Patrice Bergues, who took the opportunity to get the legs going again and to shoot the breeze with friends. “8 days goes very fast, it feels like the last game was just yesterday,” said P. Bergues before adding that, “The year may have changed, but the feeling in the team stays the same. And so training today was of high quality and really enjoyable for everyone.”
The new year? We have an exciting half season in front of us that comprises many challenges. We have had an exceptional start to the year, kind of like a good first half. Sop, there are 45 minutes, or 5 months, to win the match that is the season.
The program? We will alternate the physical conditioning and recuperation because the upcoming games will be pretty much every three days and we need to be ready. We will also have to get back to match fitness so we can be at our best on the pitch, and this from Sunday, in Bayonne.
My wish for 2007? We have to continue in the same spirit and with the same desire. If we manage that, with the talent in this team and their extraordinary commitment, I think we can expect some excellent results.”

[IMG41639#C] Cris, Fred, Caçapa and Tiago joined the squad for training in the afternoon and did some running under the stopwatch of Robert Duverne. Rémy Vercoutre and Grégory Coupet trained hard with Joël Bats while the rest of the squad did ball retention exercises on a half-pitch.


Before the trip to Bayonne for the last 64 of the Coupe de France, the OL training program is as follows:
• Wed Jan 3: Training at 10h30 and at 15h30
• Thur Jan 4: Training at 10h30 and at 15h30
• Friday Jan 5: Training at 15h30
• Saturday Jan 6: Closed training at 10h30