Masculins / Steaua Bucharest 0-3 OL

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Published on 26 September 2006 at 11:37 PM
Check out all the post match reactions to OL’s win over Steaua Bucharest...
Jean Michel Aulas: The match went very well and Gérard Houllier showed a great mastery and efficiency in winning 3-0.
We were worried when we arrived here because we knew of the Bucharest public’s reputation for being fanatical. But we needn’t have been because they welcomed the teams on and it was nothing out of the ordinary. The 28,000 fans even applauded the third goal scored by Karim Benzema after a superb build up. The president of Steaua Bucharest also came and congratulated us after the match. It was really very touching and agreeable. I’ve never seen that complicity between home fans and an away team before.
It’s still too early to talk about qualification, even if we can’t have started any better. I’m full of admiration for the coaching staff of Olympique Lyonnaisand the players’ physical preparation. The referee also came to congratulate me on the comportment of the players who didn’t react to the provocation. I’m very satisfied by the way we’re playing and the results we’re achieving even though I know we have to keep working hard to make sure it continues.

François Clerc: It was a tough match in a tough atmosphere. But we stood up to be counted. Winning here 3-0 is a great result. OL travels well and we’re solid defensively and offensively.
We weren’t really put in any danger and we managed to score at the right time, just before the break.
We’re more mature than we were in recent seasons. We can control games better. And now we have to do the same against Kiev. Then we’ll be in a string position.

Eric Abidal: I just took a knock. When you take a knock like that it’s better to go off and have a player at 100% come in.
We knew it was going to be tough and we saw the atmosphere inside the ground. The start was very delicate, but we knew how to keep our shape and wait.
Since the start of the season, Fred is on fire. His goal was a real poacher’s goal.

Gérard Houllier: I’m proud of my players performance. They really played good football, kept their heads and stayed in control of the match. The biggest achievement was to know to resist and wait for the right moment to accelerate with an amazing intensity. We’re only halfway there, but with six points in the next three games, I think we’ll be qualified.

Juninho : We deserved the win. We created a lot more chances than them tonight despite a pretty tough opening. Steaua really pressed intensely at the start and we had t show real patience throughout the first half and try and find Fred and Malouda with long balls.
We had the good fortune to score with Fred just before the break. Sometimes in the Champions League you have to suffer, and then strike when the opportunity presents itself.
Finally, we’re not qualified yet, now we have to refocus on the league and a second away trip in a week to Sochaux.

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