Masculins / OL 4-1 Lille

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Published on 23 September 2006 at 7:58 PM
Check out all the reactions to Olympique Lyonnais’ triumph over Lille…
Jean-Michel Aulas: There was a lot of pressure out their tonight and part of that was all this talk about Lille being our bogey team after their recent wins over us. Tonight we really saw an extraordinary Lyon squad. I have to pay homage to Gérard Houllier who is getting incredible results. He won the tactical battle which tonight sees us put nine points between us and a title rival. We have a brilliant squad composed of brilliant professionals, in every sense of the world.
Tonight we won the tactical and collective battle, but also the physical battle. What you have to acknowledge are the incredible individuals that work for the good of the team.
We can see that the means
we have made available over the years and enabled a solid recruitment which is really paying off. So you really have to take your hat off to Houllier and Bernard Lacombe. Tonight we were missing four internationals but it didn’t show. Even when he made his substitutions he didn’t upset the balance of the team. I can see him give his pre-match talk and he always puts forward the individual aspects of motivation. He manages to get 17 players who put themselves aside for the good of the team.
Concerning the match in Bucharest, we mustn’t take it lightly. They are a very big team, champions of their country and who beat Dynamo Kiev 4-1 in the Ukraine. We have to be careful.
I have a little news to give you regarding the match against Valenciennes. We’ve managed to find an agreement which will see us play on November 10, the night before the rugby match between France and New Zealand. We have to be open to everything and I think we’ve found a solution which suits everyone.

Claude Puel: OL is always a redoubtable challenge. It was a bizarre match. We were their match for an hour, but then a massive mistake gave them the second goal and they just went from there. After that I think we probably started to look towards Milan. To be beaten bu two goals hurts. I think we were really unlucky in this match. Given how we played for an hour, we didn’t deserve to lose by such a scoreline. We’re playing our championship, OL are playing in theirs. Still, we have to bounce back. But we never pretended we were fighting Lyon with the same arsenal.

Grégory Coupet: That really was a great match. The group really has been moulded. In the second half we really hit our stride. We knew we were up against a good team, and that makes us even prouder of this victory.

Gérard Houllier: We came up with a good plan to stop Lille from playing. I’d like to thank my coaching staff who brilliantly analysed how Lille play.
We wanted to beat them, not because they’re our ‘bête noire’, but just to put things back in perspective. I don’t want to take anything away from their wins last season, but we didn’t play our strongest team that day.
Today was really a game of great character, with some periods totally dominated by Lyon.
At half-time we weren’t rewarded for our efforts and I think Fred probably could have scored before the break.
For their part, they didn’t create many chances, but managed to equalise all the same. Finally I’d like to congratulate their goalkeeper Malicki, who I think was their best player.