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OL win 1-0 against UNFP

Published on 09 August 2006 at 7:34 PM
The international players in the OL side, apart from Källström and Fred (peristitis) met UNFP for a friendly this Wednesday afternoon… 1-0 victory, with a goal from Tiago.
Plaine des Jeux : OL 1 UNFP 0 (half-time 0-0). Goal: Tiago(55min).

OL : Coupet – Clerc, Cris, Müller, Abidal (sub. Benhamida 71min), Tiago (sub. Beynié 75min), Pedretti, Juninho, Govou, Wiltord, Malouda (sub. Rémy 70min).

UNFP: Dubourdeau, Garnier-Guthleber, Aichour, Kajima, Morisot, Le Toux, Aichour, Sow, Hissein, Barbosa, Blachon, Darbelet, Traoré, Coquerel, Kipre, Abalo, Forson, Kajima

Lyon’s internationals needed some time on the pitch, as did those who weren’t played in the Nantes match (Pedretti, Clerc); the currently unsigned players needed to stretch their legs as well. Among them were Cédric Barbosa, Emerick Darbelet, Stéphane Morisot, as well as Abalo and Forson, two players fresh from their World Cup adventure with Togo. “The UNFP (French Professional Footballers’ Union) has put together the Northern and Southern groups to make up a squad of 22 players who are going to play three friendlies. First against OL, then against Congo next Saturday, and finally against a Turkish club.” Rachid Maatar is training the team, assisted by Philippe Lafont and Pape Fall.

And the match? It was ten minutes before the first significant action, a display of skill by Juninho which finshed with a shot put wide. Coupet asserted himself ten minutes later, coming out to claim a high ball on the edge of his area. Barbosa’s team showed some sparks on the half-hour, when the ex-Montpellier and ex-Rennes pairing of Traoré and Hissein teamed up with an incisive move that did not, however, find its target. OL’s response came from Malouda, who was at the end of a sequence of passes from Govou, Juninho, and Clerc. His shot was easily stopped by Dubourdeau. The first half finished with Coupet decisively saving a shot from Hissein.

After a short break, play resumed without any change in the ranks of the five-time French champions, for whom Tiago opened the scoring, running onto a free kick from Juninho, parting the UNFP defense despite resistance (55min). OL took the lead 1-0, but this didn’t prevent the visitors from once more troubling “Greg”, who pulled out another fantastic stop on a shot from Hissein (62min). Grégory, whose father was among the spectators, is already at ease back between the posts. He took to the air again in the 79th minute to keep his clean sheet. In the meantime, Gérard Houllier made three changes. Govou and Tiago’s subsequent shots were ineffective.

OL then, winning 1-0. Some of the internationals came out of the match better than others; Sidney Govou looked sharp, while Cris and Müller showed composure and facility in all their contributions. The Lyonnais worked hard to find their rhythm, building up passing moves, and these 90 minutes will also have allowed them to focus more specifically on match play.