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First day in Tignes: Getting settled

Published on 10 July 2006 at 7:13 PM
Les Lyonnais have headed to Tignes for a week-long training camp. They arrived at 13:00 on Monday.
[IMG40719#C]It was a little under four hours on the road from Lyon to Tignes, via the traffic jams at the Chat Tunnel. From Tola Vologe to the Hôtel Montana, Les Lyonnais climbed from 200m to 2100m above sea level. The ski station hosts the club’s traditional summer training camp and the sun was out to greet them... 21 players arrived at camp, a place they know well-enough as the club makes its ninth pre-season trip to the complex. Kim Källström, Gérard Houllier and Rémi Garde are scheduled to arrive in the early evening. For the opening day: a little settling in a walk scheduled for 16:00. In the presence of official guides, Claudio Cacapa and Co. took the little paths up the Brévieres. 50 minutes of walking and jogging. Impossible to keep up with the squad as they climbed like mountain cats. "We went too fast..." admitted physio Abdel Redissi after the descent. For Philippe, one of the guides, it’s important to take it in stages when getting used to the high altitude. "We did the same trail that the France team did at the start of their training camp. It’s a lot easier to go back down to 1,700m to work. Tomorrow will be similar as we tackle Val d'Isère..." [IMG40719#C]