Masculins / Monaco 2-1 OL

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Published on 23 April 2006 at 11:11 PM
Reactions to match between Monaco and Olympique Lyonnais.
Patrice Bergues: The players really gave it everything, but were just a little unlucky, particularly with the final pass or shot. We have regrets regarding the final result because we seemed to have settled into the match well. I think we deserved at least a draw, perhaps more. The players probably did struggle a little to fight back. As for Monaco, they did what they had to do and played a good game of football. As for us, we made a lot of effort without being aggressive enough. We’d seemed to be happy with just holding possession, particularly in the first half.
In those opening 45 minutes we dominated but it was them that managed to open the scoring on the counter. At the start of the second half, we showed more character, but perhaps we didn’t have sufficient energy and we conceded another goal from a set-piece.
We had studied how they play. We knew that their strengths lay in playing quickly over the top but we weren’t able to stop them.
Concerning Anthony Réveillère, he felt a little twinge behind his problem hamstring. We decided it wasn’t worth taking the risk.

Anthony Réveillère: I came off because I felt a little pain, but nothing too nasty. I just didn’t want to take any risks with the World Cup coming up.
Unfortunately we conceded two goals that we could have avoided. The motivation and desire was there, but we just didn’t play positively enough. I think we were happy just tp pass the ball around and keep them at bay, but their second goal really finished us off.

Grégory Coupet: There’s no problem with my knee and I didn’t feel any particular pain.
Tonight, it was a match without anything at stake and it showed. I think it was probably our worst performance of the season.
During next week’s derby you’ll see a totally different team. Perhaps, subconsciously, we were preserving ourselves for the derby. It’s arriving right on time to see us bounce back.

Sylvain Monsoreau: Monaco started the match better than us. They stood up and were aggressive whereas we were a little timid. Against players of their quality, you pay the price for that. After that, they then had more luck in front of goal.
It was a match we wanted to win and the motivation was there to try and stay undefeated away all season.

« Olympique Lyonnais means something else (Jean-Michel Aulas) »

Jean-Michel Aulas: I’m disappointed. Certain players didn’t give the impression that the records our part of the club’s objectives. It was a big match but we were unable to match Monaco in the play. Personally, I don’t like losing, but especially when my side doesn’t appear to everything it can to win. OL needs to keep winning to add more and more value to the record fifth championship.
We can’t let 90 minutes go passed with the absence of concentration and determination that we saw tonight, because if we do, we’ll lose the derby, and personally, I don’t want to lose this derby. We have a match against Saint-Etienne this Sunday and it will be important to prepare properly. I fear that with such little determination as we showed today it will be difficult to finish off the season. I think we need to see a reaction. It was a bad match, but we lacked desire. We never felt Monaco were in danger. I even sometimes had the impression that they were playing with us. Olympique Lyonnais means something else.
Monaco played well, but they’re not a team as strong as PSG’s who we met last week. I’m disappointed that the players, who were on holidays at the start of the week and didn’t return to training until Wednesday, didn’t do what was necessary to maintain Lyon at the standards we have come to expect and to show that the club is still competitive in this end of season.

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