Masculins / OL 1-0 Bastia

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Published on 21 March 2006 at 11:58 PM
Reactions after the match between OL and Bastia.
Patrice Bergues: It was tough, they proved very resistant. For our part, perhaps we weren’t as good as we have been recently. It was a cup match with plenty at stake and perhaps we put a bit too much pressure on the players. We had a few players coming back from injury and they probably weren’t all at the same rhythm. They need to time to get back into top form. The second half was certainly better than the first.
In this type of match, you have to end it as soon as possible and we didn’t do that. As a result we had to concentrate right until the end.
Penneteau made some very good saves and showed he is one of France’s best ‘keepers.
There are still plenty of big teams left and that’s not something we used to seeing in the Coupe de France in recent years. At any rate, if we want to win the Coupe de France, we have to overcome every obstacle. We just want to play at home in front of our fans, after that, we’ll take whoever.

Grégory Coupet: Reaching the quarter-finals was important, so was playing at home.
We took a long time to get into the match and we played well in the last ten minutes of the first half before coming back down again in the second. In our defence, it’s bizarre to play in front of just 30,000 at the Stade Gerland.
There was also a very good ‘keeper opposite us and that’s what I told him after the match. I saw a quality goalkeeper this evening. This team deserves to play in Ligue 1 and that’s why I said ‘See you next year!’
Personally, it was great to meet my old friends from the ‘former generation’. They were also very important in this side.

« For the quarter-finals, I want to play Rennes (Gérard Houllier)»

Claudio Caçapa: My return went well. I felt good and I feel like I’m well and truly back. Playing with the captain’s armband in front of the Stade Gerland fans is a great pleasure.
Before the match we said we had to have respect for this team because they have a lot of character. Like I always say, tonight it was ‘the team’ that proved the difference. We have an extraordinary squad.
We all dream of winning the Coupe de France. That’s what we’re working towards and we’ve all got the Stade de France tucked away somewhere in our minds.

Gérard Houllier: My first feeling is one of happiness to have qualified. Now we’re just two games away from the final in 20 May.
Tonight there were several players that hadn’t played for a long time, so it’s normal that it took them so long to get into their stride. The second half was better.
It’s going to be tough from here on in with some big teams left.
I’d made the decision to rest certain player.
What impressed me was that we didn’t concede a goal. That’s what I said in my team talk, after we won three games 4-0, that the defence is the key.
For the quarter-finals I want to play Rennes.
I have a great confidence in my team. Think we have the potential to pull off something great this year and write a new page into the history of the club. I think they’re great footballers, but also great men. The mental approach will make all the difference.

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