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Published on 11 March 2006 at 11:15 PM
Reactions to the match between OL and FC Metz.
Jean-Michel Aulas: That was a great match from every perspective. It was a scoring demonstration, but also a demonstration of how to play good football. I thought in the first half I was watching the game against Real Madrid again. This team showed not only that it has the talent, but that it can also get back down to earth after the brilliant victory against PSV in midweek. It’s the sign of a great team. What gives me the most pleasure is that we were able to avoid the Rennes scenario, and avoid it in style.
John Carew deserved his goal. It’s true that he’s been through a tough patch but all players go through periods of less confidence. It also coincides with his moving house to Lyon and now he feels more at home and more relaxed in Lyon. It also means he’ll be even better for the big games.
Concerning the Champions League draw, it’s a standard draw for the quarter-finals: it had to be a great team. Even those that don’t appear on paper to be as strong as Milan or Barcelona are also very, very good. Why wouldn’t we go to Milan hoping to do as well as we’ve done against all the other teams? Two years ago, Porto didn’t look like champions in waiting and they won it. Last year nobody thought Liverpool would go all the way. I think it’s a good thing that Milan are considered a big favourite. That suits me down to the ground. I have every confidence in this squad, its mental strength and their determination to go all the way. If we have to face Milan at some point, why not in the quarters? If we have to beat them anyway, let’s do it now and prepare for the rest of the competition.
Tomorrow I’m off to watch Milan play Juventus and they will be a great pleasure.

Patrick Müller: I had a lot of luck. I decided to have a go, but nine times out of ten that would have ended up in the stands. I was happy to score that goal and celebrate the birth of my sin, just as Fred did in the Champions League.
We started the match well. Opening the scoring like that gave us a real boost. Leading 3-0 at the break also helped us see the big picture and concentrate on controlling the game through to the end. When you’re not chasing a result, it’s always easier.
As for the Champions League, we’ve drawn a very big team. On a personal level it will be great to play against Vogel who I started playing football with when I was six.

Benoît Pedretti: We’ve had a great week and tonight was another great night for everyone. It was good to get a run. I keep working at training so that I’m ready if they need me.
We started well and we kept it going well.
If we keep going like that, we’ll be champions.
Next week we go back to where I come from. I’m looking forward to that and we’ll be going to win and keep this run going.

Gérard Houllier: The players, the coaching staff and all the people that work for Olympique Lyonnais would like to dedicate this victory to Christophe and his family.
The match carried on where we left off against PSV. It was a good game of football with a brilliant forst half. Without picking out individuals for special praise, the team leaders Coupet, Wiltod and Juninho were exceptional. We were able to remain focused throughout. We played simply and everyone played well.
In eight days we scored 11 goals and only conceded one. All that credit deserves to go to the players.
Tonight I’m proud. I’ll be happy when win some trophies.

John Carew: I’m very happy to have scored. After the winter break I was very tired but now I’m back in top form and as a result it’s great to score.
I’m also really happy to be going and playing AC Milan in the Champions League, they’re a great team. I’ve already played against them and I love playing in that stadium. It will be a fabulous match.

Grégory Coupet: It’s a nice scoreline for a nice match. When the players are feeling good and we play simple football, that’s the result you get.
I’m happy that I played a part in the victory (his save in the opening minutes). After that, it’s a team victory.
This win is dedicated to Christophe. Robert Valette and Albine Chambon also lost loved ones and we are also thinking of them.

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