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Published on 08 March 2006 at 11:37 PM
Reactions following the match between OL and PSV Eindhoven.
Fred: It’s been an incredible night for me. It’s been a blessed day. I thank God for blessing my wife who is doing great as is my daughter. What a fabulous night. My friend Tiago scored a double, the team qualified and I scored.
During this very special day everyone supported me. The players, the staff but also the people from the club that helped me make the return trip between the clinic and the stadium. I thank them especially. At the start of the match I was very nervous but everyone was so great that I knew I was going to score.
Everything was right for me to score. Cris helped me finalise the strategy for the dummy celebration. All the same, the most important thing was that the team won and we played very well.

Claudio Caçapa: I’ve really experienced a great night tonight. I witnessed really united team and there’s nothing to say about the match. Nothing can stop Lyon. OL was far superior. Last year we cried and this time it was their turn.
We have to do better than the preceding years and I hope we don’t meet Barcelona until the final.
Today I’m especially happy for Fred who became a father.
Tiago was simply excellent, not just tonight but since he arrived at OL. He knows how to do everything.

Jean-Michel Aaulas: Before the match I was really nervous. I’m always nervous, but perhaps a little bit more than usual tonight. It was the most important match of the season because it opened the doors to the next round of the competition. We already had another very important match against Ajaccio, in which victory was imperative for the championship. Today the players made me really happy. We all remembered the disappointment of last year. Tonight we played so well that I think there’s great hope for the rest of the competition. I’ve just tried to find when PSV last lost a Champions League match 4-0 but they never have. That says it all.
I’ll be going to the draw on Friday. I like Spanish football so Villarreal or Barcelona would be a good draw. We saw yesterday that Barcelona are a team that play incredibly good football. If we want to go all the way in this competition then it would be better to play Barcelona in the quarters than in the final.
A UEFA delegate told me yesterday that Lyon are among the favourites for the competition. I hope that means we won’t fall into the same trap as that which followed the first PSV match.
Concerning François Clerc, he is very impressive and does exactly what the coach asks of him. That’s a great quality in a young player.
Gérard (Houllier), with Patrice Bergues, are doing a great job, exactly what’s expected of them.
Now we have to concentrate on the championship. I’m sure we won’t reproduce the same mistakes we did against Rennes. After a match as tough as that one, we need to keep to basics and rotate the players because we have a great squad. It’s a shame that Juninho will miss the first quarter-final match but perhaps that will mean he’s fresher for the second leg. At any rate, it will give someone else the chance to play.

Cris: It was a great team performance. I’m really happy for Tiago.
Our defence was superb and we moved really well. After the sending off of Cocu it was a lot easier.
As for the next round, I don’t know who I’d choose. Any team left will be very tough, but we’re not afraid of anyone. We really are experiencing something amazing.

Gérard Houllier: We played a really good match. Of course it was made a lot easier by the sending off of Cocu. We were very focused and played as a team – that was very important. Tonight my team played without any complex.
Now every team has a chance to win it. I’m proud to say that my team is one of the best eight left in Europe.

Guus Hiddink: It was a harsh but logical elimination. We were kicked out by a great team. A team that will very soon obtain the European stature that it deserves.
The first yellow card for Cocu didn’t seem to me to be warranted.

Grégory Coupet: 4-0 is certainly a big scoreline. Not everyone will do that to PSV. To all those people that doubted we’d be able to defend our lead, I think we answered them. We showed a lot of skill and maturity. What I’ll take from tonight’s match is our team strength which will see us go a long way. We are really confident.
Before the match the coach said not to give away free-kicks that hurt the team and we didn’t.
Tonight was the type of match you dream about.

Juninho: PSV is a special team that you always think you’re dominating but they play long towards their attackers. Tonight they tried to do what Rennes had done in putting speed up front but it didn’t work. Apart from two chances they weren’t dangerous. From our part, we played to win and score. Tonight we’re delighted to be in the quarter-finals, it’s brilliant.
Concerning my suspension from the quarter-finals first leg, I knew before the match that it was a risk but I wasn’t going to hold back. I couldn’t have accepted losing challenges because of that. I’ve got every confidence in my teammates and the coach to get a good result without me.
All the same, I’d prefer to play the second game at home because I’d love to play at Gerland. I’m naturally more comfortable.

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