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Published on 17 February 2006 at 11:30 PM
Reactions to Olympique Lyonnais’ 3-1 victory over Nantes.
Patrice Bergues: This win really feels good. It was a game played with real pace and energy. We saw a lot of really great skill that probably deserved a bigger stage.
We’re delighted by the return of the old Juninho, he had a great match. This win is exactly what we needed to prepare for Tuesday’s match against PSV.
After tonight, we are now 100% focused on the Champions League match.

Jean-Michel Aulas: Liane (Foly) brought us good luck, because every time she comes, we win! After everything that’s been said in recent weeks, the players answered them all with this win.
The fact that we scored early really liberated the players.
The win was imperative to prove that we were still getting better and ready to reach all our goals. It puts the pressure on Bordeaux and shows PSV that we’re in form.
Tonight, Juni got the team pointed back in the right direction.
But good news never comes alone and I can announce that Florent Malouda has just signed a contract extension with Olympique Lyonnais. He is now tied to the club until 2010. Florent is the first in a long list.

Eric Abidal: Tonight we absolutely had to win, so we’re delighted to have the three points. We played well in the first half and then controlled the game in the second.
Personally, a couple of times I found it a bit tough because the rhythm isn’t the same as that of CFA where I played a few days ago.

Grégory Coupet: It was so important to take the three points tonight.
We always try to win. We could have done a bit better in the first half, but in the second half we showed real toughness in defence and were more focused and aggressive.
Still, I think we can do better. The notion of a solid block of a team can still improve.
On Tuesday, the match will be even more intense. We’ll have to be even more physically imposing. It will be intense and tight.

Cris: This was a hard match because it came on the back of two other home draws. I thought we started the game very well.
After feeling a little twinge in the hamstring, I though I should come off as a precaution.

Juninho: I’m really happy with my goal. What I’ll remember more than my personal performance is the team victory. I’m really satisfied by the team tonight. The win came at the best time after two home draws.
Tuesday’s match risks being a lot tougher. It will be so important to score that precious away goal.

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