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Published on 22 January 2006 at 10:45 PM
Raactions to the match OL – AJA
Gérard Houllier: We won’t be looking for excuses, but tonight we had the chance to score a second goal because we created a number of opportunities. Above all we lacked efficiency and the AJA profited perfectly. They defend very well and don’t leave much space. They’re not third for nothing.
Yet despite this little hiccup, we’ve had a very good January with three wins and a draw, against good teams like Marseille and Auxerre. We’ll keep working and we won’t doubt ourselves after this draw.
As for the Mercato, OL has to take everything into account, and watch what’s going on… we have a lot of injuries.

Grégory Coupet: Conceding a goal to Peguy can happen, everyone tries to do their job. It wasn’t an easy match tonight and there wasn’t much in it. Auxerre were very well organised, very skilful and put a lot of diagonal balls to upset the defence. We don’t have any regrets because i twas really, very close.

Jean-Michel Aulas: We saw a very good match with an exceptional Lyon in the first half. It hurts a little to see the final score.
We found ourselves in danger because we found ourlseves a little short on numbers, even if François Clerc and Sylvain Monsoreau played very well.
The draw is annoying because now we can’t lose against Monaco. It’s important for the end of the season to go and get the result in the ricipality. It’s not worryoing because it was a great match, but our lead has been cut back to 12 points. So the championship is a long way from being over, despite what many are saying.
As for the transfer market, it’s always difficult for a president to talk about it, because it’s the coach’s business, but it showed tonight that we can’t afford to take any risks before the match against PSV Eindhoven. Logically, we should try and recruit a central defender as soon as possible. So we’re looking for a quality player, and perhaps a player to prepare for the future. Ideally he’ll be very good so that he can play in the Champions League. This season is too important to arrive short on numbers for PSV.

Yann Lachuer: It’s good result, but also a deserved one. Our efforts paid off, even if sometimes it was hard going. OL had the chance to get away… they didn’t do it and that allowed us to equalise.

Philippe Violeau: It’s a good point and a good performance. It was a good result for a good match where we held out well.
I’ve got a lot of respect for OL, what they are achieving is fabulous. I’m one of the club’s biggest supporters. I have so many great memories from my time at Lyon that I’ll always be a fan.

Peguy Luyindula: I love this pitch, this stadium. I always feel at home and love coming here.
I’m full of admiration for what Lyon are doing this season. I’m their number one fan and hope the president can get me ticket for the final of the Champions League.

Sylvain Monsoreau: Tonight went pretty well. I’ll played in a position where I played all last season.
There wasn’t a lot in it, just a centimetre from that shot of Fred’s. We lacked a bit of luck in front of goal. Auxerre is a very good team, but all the same, we have to forget this result and get a win against Monaco. We have to know to be happy with a draw, even if it is frustrating.

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